About Steven

Steven has been speaking to youth for over six years. In that time, he has gained a strong understanding of the way they view themselves and their society. Steven is passionate about seeing youth succeed in their personal stories and encourages them to be the ones who write it. His audience is inspired by his message delivered with humor and real life stories. His passion is authentic and his style is engaging to all who hear. He knows that every person has a story and encourages them to use it as motivation to do great things, today.

Steven has never been afraid of the mic! Once Steven found his voice, he was always looking for an opportunity to share his thoughts. As a youth minister, Steven was invited to lead a senior class challenge day at a local school, and on that day he found the power within his story. Since then, Steven has shared his message with thousands of students in school assemblies, leadership camps, and event conferences. At only twenty-five years old, his early success has made him a favorite among the youth audience. He is becoming one of the leading voices in the world of student identity and believes that every kid deserves a chance to live undefined.

Steven’s belief in the power of everyone’s “story” is what makes him so unique. His message is more than just some positive quotes taken from inspirational posters; it is a story of overcoming and inspiring others to do the same. He knows that the only way to make a true impact on his audience is to share his heart with theirs. Using his personal struggle to find identity, Steven will share with his audience the secret to living life undefined. His balance of humor with thought-provoking ideas keeps the audience engaged and excited for what’s next.

What I Teach


“Hello My Name Is”

– Student Audiences

In a world of constant labeling and judging, it is easy for students to give up their personal identity in exchange for acceptance. “Hello, My Name Is” is Steven’s real-life story of hope and change. It challenges the audience to evaluate themselves and the way they treat those around them.



“Youth Culture 101”

Adult Audiences / Teacher In-Service

Students today live in a world that is constantly updated and ever changing. Today many teachers, mentors and parents feel completely out of touch with the youth the are trying to impact.  Let Steven help you bridge the gap.



“Customized Challenge Day” Youth Leadership/ Character Development/ Team Dynamics

If you are looking for a way to take your student leaders to the next level then the Challenge Day is for you. This is a completely customizable event that Steven will facilitate with your selected student leaders. 



Shari John

“His message was very well received by my students they were very excited after his presentation…”

Pecca Kauitzsch

“He is FUNNY, and the kids loved that… The kids will talk about it and that is the kind of speakers that we need, the kind that later on our kids still talk about.”

Alison Janek

“Steven had a lot of Students stay after who wanted to shake his hand and take pictures… We have never had that before and I think it speaks to how well he did and how he connected to our kids.”

Lalena Carpenter

“Steven did a great job of relating to our students and helping them realize that they do not have to live labeled…”

Heather Brister

“Steven is able to tell his story and keep our Students engaged in his message…”

Syretta Pritchett

“If there is anyone who wants to send their teens in the right direction or needs some guidance or encouragement  I encourage them to bring Steven Adair in…”

Erica Miller

“He really hooked our kids into his message and they are going to be able to think differently about their actions…”

Recent Blog Posts

When the Love for “Life” leads to Hate

“Stay off of Facebook!” That is what I have been telling myself over the past few days. Why? Because I don’t have the answer and my Spirit is troubled by those that believe they do.

I am in a position where I rarely want to share my thoughts or opinions during times like this because my relationships with people are so much more important then the words scrolling across my screen. This weekend I have found myself in an internal battle that I need to express, if for no other reason than to be able to tell myself that I have.

The world again finds itself in a place of deep hurt and pain. When events happen like those in Paris it brings me to my knees, and not to pray. (Although I wish that was my first response.) I find myself questioning, hurting and broken. I begin to question what I am doing with my life and if it really matters. I look at the faces of fear that people have as they flee from explosions and gunfire and I wonder why they run. I know the answer, they run in fear, but I wonder what it is they are running to…? more